Thankyou very much! The head massage was wonderfully relaxing - Atisha
Having been visiting Zamora for many years, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Whether I am having one of the wonderful, relaxing facials, waxing or pedicure I am always delighted with the professional but friendly service. The products used are always of the highest quality and yet the prices remain extremely competitive. A
visit there is always a real treat!
~ Fiona

I was attracted to Zamora because I have a commitment to myself to using more natural products, as well as upleveling my own self-care. It’s also in an easy location when I’m back here in Exeter. 


I’d used another salon before, and had thought to try out a couple more, but have felt so 'at home’ in Zamora, that I've never been anywhere else.


Emily and the girls were so welcoming, from the first moment I entered the salon. I really like the products they use and the service is excellent. Yet it’s not just those things that keep me coming back. There is something ‘more’ that I leave with, the quality of their attention, a certain essence which speaks to my needs, which is why I always feel uplifted as well as restored and revitalised when I leave. I feel so cared for - they really connect with me and make me feel truly supported and part of my ’team'. 


I thoroughly recommend their beauty treatments, as well as massages and holistic therapies, such as Bowen; I am so grateful to Zamora for my increased and increasing wellness which has contributed to my own success ~ Claire Meredith, Life Coach


I have been having regular maintenance Bowen Technique Treatments with Emily for over a year now for my back and joint issues.  From the first day I visited , Emily has magicly relieved all my aches and pains with what seems like just a few simple but expert moves.  After my very first visit I could not believe it when I got up at the end of the Treatment with free moving joints and absolutely no pain whatsoever - I had arrived just an hour earlier with crippling back pain which meant I could hardly move!  I was immensely relieved and very grateful.  Emily's Treatments are so incredibly relaxing, that not only do I find them essential for keeping me going, but also for that quality 'me' time.  I feel revitalised every time I come and look forward to every visit.  Thank you Emily ~ Kirstie