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Acupressure with Sarah Hewlett

Acu pressure ... Thumb pressure not needles !


I work on your Shoulders, Back, Arms Head and Neck. 

The treatment is based on established Japanese Acupressure techniques, which involves specific pressure massage that may help to ease muscular discomfort and issues.


With this treatment we aim to improve a sense of calm and energised wellbeing. The treatment takes 20 or 30 minutes, during this time you are seated on the comfortable, therapeutically designed chair. 

No oils are used and you remain in your normal clothing.

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If you would like some Self Help tips ~ I have produced an online, easy to follow demonstration course.

Just go to and search "Sarah Hewlett", you will find my courses there.

There is a small charge but you can look at the preview first and when you sign in, you get lifelong access!

Acupressure in the Workplace


A cost effective service for promoting staff wellbeing.


Treatments often ease muscular pain and tension issues,

so they can be particularly effective for busy, office based people. 


Team building: Happy teams work better! A useful tool to help boost company moral.


When staff feel more alert, energised and valued, it may create the opportunity

for a more motivated and efficient workforce.


Taster Session

If you would like to explore the idea of having this service in your company you can book a Taster

Session with me. There is no cost, no obligation and a free demo! I will come into your company

for 20 minutes, offer a short demonstration to staff and answer any questions. If there is

interest, we can arrange a taster day for staff.


For more information please email me  - or click the link below




“I have been particularly pleased with your welcoming and helpful style as part of our proactive approach to employee wellbeing. It is well subscribed, effective and very cost effective”                                  

- HR Manager. South West Water, Exeter

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