Craniosacral Therapy in Exeter

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Craniosacral Therapy is a powerful yet gentle hands on therapy which has its origins in Osteopathy. Your practitioner is able to sense subtle forces of motion in the body called primary respiration. This rhythmic impulse, also called the breath of life exists in all living beings and has been measured scientifically.


The practitioner places her hands on various parts of the body and orients to the health of the body. By working to enhance the breath of life within the body the natural healing potential of the system is enhanced.

Throughout our lives we have had to deal with various trauma, illnesses and accidents, and if unresolved can leave an imprint or memory within the cells, fluids and tissues of the body which limit the expression of the breath of life. Over time these may present themselves as pain or decreased function in the body-mind-spirit being. Craniosacral therapy works to peel away these layers of history, restoring the natural flow and ease of motion within the body, allowing the health of the system to fully express itself. No forces or energy are put into the system, but the practitioner is guided by your body and extremely gentle techniques are used to encourage the release of blockages and promote the breath of life.

During the first session a full medical history will be taken. The client lies fully clothed on the treatment table. The most commonly used holds are on the cranium (head) and sacrum (at the base of the spine), the poles of the craniosacral system but the practitioner may ask to place her hands on various parts of the body.


Clients sometimes experience tingling, pulsing sensations, a sense of expansion or contraction, heat or other sensations and often experience a deep restfulness during the session. Your system starts to resolve forces and heal itself during the session, and this work continues after the session itself has finished. Clients often report a sense of calm and peace and a feeling of returning to ones ideal stress free state after sessions.


Mary has trained in the Biodynamic style of Craniosacral therapy as a student of  Franklyn Sills, at Karuna Institute. Biodynamics a gentle form of craniosacral therapy, working more through subtle motion and energy flow than the more manipulative forms of the therapy such as Cranial Osteopathy. 


There are many aspects to Craniosacral therapy. Through listening to the system through her hands Mary can attune to the subtle rhythms and motions of the body. By means of a number of techniques such as allowing space, directing energy, working with the cerebrospinal fluid and life force energy, the system receives the help it needs to release trauma which may have been held in the body as trapped energy. This trapped energy may have been held in the body since any kind of negative event, be it illness, accident, relationship diffculties, birth trauma or any other kind of trauma.


During a treatment the recipient may become aware of subtle pulls or a 'tidal motion' within their system, Unwinding may take place, where a part of the body moves to allow readjustments bringing the body back to balance. Craniosacral therapy works on a very deep level. Significant changes can take place during one treatment, however a course of 4 to 6 treatments is usually recommended. It really is a treatment that defies description and is to be experienced.

Cost: £45.00

Duration: 1 Hour