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Craniosacral Therapy in Exeter

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Craniosacral Therapy was developed by Osteopath William Sutherland to work with the whole person and the body's own self-regulatory and self-healing systems, with consideration of the anatomy involved.

Trauma (physical and emotional) and modern life (with all it's stresses); often triggers fight or flight responses; or defensive strategies and patterns of tension. These can be hard to let go of and can leave us in a partially activated state; with areas of tension, pain and a variety of conditions. If these states remain 'held' they can lead to various long term effects including chronic pain and fatigue.

The profound relaxation often reported during Craniosacral Therapy; allows the body to unwind and come out of these activated states (partially using the parasympathetic nervous system, at it's designated task).  As the systems in the body are able to flow more freely, the body’s own healing processes are able to work more effectively with gentle support from the practitioner.

In this way all sorts of different traumas, however long held, can have an opportunity to heal themselves whether felt in body, mind or spirit and we can become more present to ourselves.

Alison belongs to the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association and their website here , offers some useful further information on the subject and information about research in the field. Alison's Blog includes tips and information to help people help themselves.

In a first treatment of Craniosacral Therapy, in Exeter Alison will take a case history before using a variety of gentle holds, often around the back, shoulders and head (although the technique includes the whole body). 

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