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Manual Tan & Exfoliation

Look healthy and feel great in your skin with a manual tan at Zamora using 'White to Brown' professional products. This natural looking subtle tan includes full exfoliation to leave your skin beautifully soft and streak free. ​

Important Information


Please wear dark, loose clothing after your tanning treatment to avoid any rubbing or streaking 

Summer Girls

Manual Tan & Exfoliation

'White to Brown' products have a fresh scent and contain shea butter and sunflower seed oil for ultimately soft skin.


This tan develops in 6-8 hours, so ensure you leave enough time before going out to any events or parties! It lasts between 3-5 days, and is most effective with moisturising.


Full Body

Cost: Therapist - £38.00 / Director - £41.00

Duration: 60 minutes

Half Body

(lower half only)

Cost: Therapist - £26.00 / Director - £29.00

Duration: 30 minutes

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