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Reflexology is a non invasive holistic therapy, where specific parts of the feet and hands are stimulated using finger and thumb pressure. These points are known as reflexes and are connected to their corresponding internal organs, endocrine system and skeleton. 


The feet contain 52 bones and many thousands of nerve endings. They also have many major and minor meridians and chakras within them. Being the lowest point in the body the feet can become a place where impurities  and toxins can build up and stay.


The benefits of reflexology are many and include lower stress levels, improved blood and lymphatic circulation, a better sleep pattern, higher energy levels, reduction of pain, and stimulation of endorphins.


A reflexology session can promote deep inner healing leading to balance and

harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Cost: £40.00

Duration: 1 Hour


For more information or to book, please call Jennie on 07807653292

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