Hair Removal

Zamora uses a range of hair removal options including Warm Waxing, Hot Waxing and Electrolysis. Although our honey warm waxing has traditionally been very popular, Hot Waxing has become increasingly popular for more intimate or sensitive areas. We are happy to chat over which options suit you best.

Use our Pick 'n' Mix system with all wax options for 10% discount

Important Information


Please ensure your hair growth is a minimum of 4-5mm - waxing shorter hair may affect the skin.

Please leave enough time for treatments, staff cannot be made responsible for shorter time frames that fall below the advised treatment times. We do not like to rush our treatments - quality is our priority!

We do not wax over waxed areas at Zamora - if you ask to be re-waxed on the same day, we reserve the right to decline or ask you to sign a disclaimer in the event of the skin being affected.

Please advise us if you are on any blood thinning medication when booking.

Warm Waxing

We use a natural depilatory honey-wax and finish with a light lavender and tea tree oil lotion for antibacterial protection.

Pick 'n' Mix: Choose ANY three treatments to receive a 10% discount


Lip or Chin

(temporarily unavailable)


Half Leg ~ £22.00

Top Leg ~ £24.00

3/4 Leg ~ £26.00

Full Leg ~ £31.00


Bikini Line ~ £17.00        

Extended Bikini Line ~ £22.00


Under Arm ~ £17.00

Full Arm ~ £21.00

Half Arm ~ £15.00

Back / Chest 

Part ~ £25.00

Full ~ £30.00

Hot Waxing
Including Intimate Waxing

Using sensitive Lavender, Tea Tree or scented Hot Wax to remove hair from more sensitive areas without compromising the skin. Hot wax constricts the hair meaning the skin is unaffected, and often less painful, ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Pick 'n' Mix: Choose ANY three waxing treatments to receive a 10% discount


Bikini Line ~ £19.00

Extended Bikini Line ~ £24.00   

Brazillian (leaving a 'landing strip') ~ £30.00

Hollywood (all hair removed) ~ £36.00

Under Arm ~ £19.00

Lip or Chin ~ £12.00


Progressively permanent hair removal using sterile disposable needles. We use a Sterex blend machine which offers different options to ensure the best possible comfort for you. Each treatment is finished with an application of soothing, anti-bacterial gel.


5 minutes ~ £15.00

10 minutes ~ £18.00

15 minutes ~ £21.00


Book a course of 5 treatments and get the 6th free!

Course of 5 minutes ~ £75.00

Course of 10 minutes ~ £90.00

Course of 15 minutes ~ £105.00