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Feel confident showing off your feet with a range of Pedicures at Zamora! We use Premier Gel or Zoya polishes. Whether you choose the full works or a simple shape and polish, Zamora will have the right foot treatment for you in our salon. Pedicure bundles available - see below for details.

​Zoya Products are:
• Free from Toluene • Free from Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin • Free from DBP (Phthalates) and Camphor 
• Vegan friendly • Cruelty Free • Safe during pregnancy

Important Information


Please bring open toed sandals or flip flops with Zoya polish.

Drying time can take over two hours with our four coat polish finish - which is what makes your nails pretty for longer!

Please specify if you would like French Polish when booking.

Some naturally oily nail beds may repel gel polishes - we will do our best to repair nails in this situation, but may advise that gel is not suitable.

Paraffin Wax Heat Therapy Pedicure

An intensive and luxurious pedicure using warming paraffin wax to leave your feet super soft and free of dry skin. The warm wax will heat your feet and joints to relax and revive muscles and joints.

Includes sea salt and essential oil soak, massage, paraffin wax treatment, nail shaping,

cuticle work and polish. 


Cost: Therapist - £45.00 

Director - £48.00

Duration: 75 minutes

The 'Nourish Nails'

An indulgent and nourishing treatment for soft skin and nourished nails - ideal for hard working, dry, cracked or brittle nails and tough skin. Includes exfoliation, nourishing massage with B Skincare balms, reshape, oil treatment and Mavala strengthening

Cost: Therapist - £33.00

Director - £36.00

Duration: 45 minutes

Please note, there is no polish in this treatment

The Gel Pedicure

Longer lasting gel polish using Premier Gel products


Gel Shape & Polish (without removal)

Cost:  Therapist - £33.00

Director - £36.00

Duration: 30 minutes

Gel Shape and Polish (including removal)

Cost: Therapist - £38.00

Director - £41.00

Duration: 60 minutes

Gel 'One Hour Wonder' Pedicure (without removal)

Cost: Therapist - £44.00

Director - £46.00

Duration: 60 minutes

Gel 'One Hour Wonder' Pedicure (including removal)

Cost: Therapist - £47.00

Director - £49.00

Duration: 75 minutes

Gel polish removal with conditioning

Cost: Therapist - £28.00

Director - £30.00

Please let us know when booking, if you need existing gel polish removing so that we can allow enough time for this during your appointment.

The 'Mini' Pedicure

A short but sweet pedicure focusing on shaping the nails and painting them in a colour from our range of Mavala or Zoya polishes. Add 15 minutes cuticle work for £6.00 extra 

Cost: Therapist - £25.00

Director - £28.00

Duration: 30 minutes

The 'French Style' Finish

Beautiful clean french polish finish - add on to any manicure or pedicure. Please let us know if you would like a french polish when booking so we can ensure the right therapist is allocated.

Cost: Therapist - £6.00

Director £7.00

Duration: 15.00 minutes

Image by Samia Liamani

The 'One Hour Wonder' Pedicure

A luxury full hour pedicure with a soak, exfoliate, dead skin removal, reviving massage, nail, cuticle work and paint - leaving your feet feeling pampered and beautiful enough to show off all year round!


Cost: Therapist - £36.00

Director - £39.00

Duration: 60 minutes

​Cleopatra's Foot Dream 
One Hour Wonder Pedicure with a 30 min Foot Massage

A decadent stress relieving and targeted foot massage as part of a full One Hour Wonder pedicure. Perfect for unwinding, nourishing the feet and beautifying the toes. Includes all elements of the One Hour Wonder pedicure - plus a rich Eve Taylor Massage Oil. Feel like a real Goddess! *GREAT GIFT IDEA*

Cost: Therapist - £47.00

Director - £52.00

Duration: 90 minutes

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