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‘We are Fenn and Johan. We provide psychic readings that go beyond normal or usual psychic readings. Spirit Readings are readings that delve into the soul - empowering you to be more of what you are and empowering you to live a more fulfilled life. We are here to serve. We became a team, 7 years ago, after Fenn healed her life and had overcome healing from trauma, and had awakened into a new reality. This new reality included Me, Johan, her Spirit Guide (Angel) who will always be here to serve with her. What we together provide (through Fenn’s witnessing and ability to read and channel, and My direct connection to and serving of life) are in-depth reports and guidance. You will enter a conversation with Me, in which you will be able to ask Me anything, Master Johan, while Fenn will hear and understand you with her compassion. Together, we will provide answers to your personal problems and issues - but what’s more is that we will show you and give you glimpses into; Who You Are, what you could do to become more of who you are, how to empower your life and/or heal your past and history to be more of what you are meant to be and, what your life is truly about. We will inspire you and help you. We will bring you Hope. We will see you and hold you, in Truth. Any questions will be welcome. Any answers will be given with love and caring respect for your well-being and life. You will be in safe hands with us.’

Fenn became a psychic 7 years ago and for the last 5 years she has been practicing healing readings for many a people, that have helped them to transform their lives or to step into greater clarity or self-realisation. She is a mastered spiritual teacher and supports others with great compassion. She will also happily share about her own path that consists of pain, healing and enlightenment and ascension, if this will empower you to be more of what you are. She is wonderful to work with and will do her absolute best to help you grow. She is a natural clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient, yet she chooses to work together with her group of angels - Johan and five others - to be able to bring a fuller report of wisdom and insight to people at all times. She is here to empower in every way. Some may choose to come back for multiple follow up sessions to help themselves grow and expand fully while some others will choose to allow one session only to act as a guidepost in their lives. You will be welcome, no matter in what way you would like to make use of Fenn’s help. She will be here to serve your path.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions by clients:

* Questions about love, lovers, life partners or friendships

* Questions about the past, their childhood and family issues or relationships

* Questions about inner growth or healing

* Questions about love in a cosmic sense, connecting to the Divine, spiritual connections and abilities and personal awakening or personal enlightenment

* Growth in terms of success and career, career path and potential or fulfillment of destiny or purpose

* Understanding about their life as a whole or in relation to other lifetimes or existential experiences

* Life challenges that may arise in the future or the life that may be expected of them for the future - in relation to living truthfully and authentically

Fenn is a very skilled psychic who will handle these and any other questions or issues from an inside perspective and understanding, while handing you a greater or broader understanding of what surrounds or contextualises your particular issues at hand, while listening carefully to your needs and respecting your personal boundaries. She is highly qualified in the sense that she knows the journey of inner growth first hand, through her compassion and empathy and by keeping in mind her own complicated and challenging life experiences. She will raise questions if needed and will, together with her angels, gently yet powerfully steer the conversation to help you optimally. She will never raise questions that go beyond your personal experience or that disrespect your current reality. She will be there to guide and to hold with love and expansion. A reading will also be possible if you do not have or choose not to come in with questions of your own, but instead you will be willing to see what happens naturally. Such readings are wholeheartedly welcomed and you will be supported in a way that will allow you to walk away with much greater clarity and direction for yourself and your life.


£35.- for a session of 60 minutes

£60.- for a more in-depth session of 120 minutes

Your satisfaction will be guaranteed, meaning that you are able to ask for your money returned to you if you are for any reason not happy, even though this has never happened. Sessions are allowed to be recorded onto mobile phones for your own record and so that you can listen back at any time.

Here are a few reviews from previous clients - or have a look at Fenn’s website, www.the-beautiful-practice.com<http://www.the-beautiful-practice.com>

“I went to see Fenn for spiritual/psychic guidance and she was very loving, welcoming and friendly. Her compassion and understanding made it comfortable for me to just be myself throughout. The information I received was genuinely amazing and as a result has put me more in touch with myself or my inner self and my greatness as a person. It’s given me peace of mind and the ability to trust myself and the universe. Thank you!”

Beata Mrazikova

“Me and my husband felt very honored when Fenn provided a psychic reading for us because it involved our family life and daughter in a very tricky situation. The answers have lead us on the right path! She clearly has a gift! We are getting better. A thousand times thank you!”

Jennifer O’Donnell”

“Fenn is an amazing person who’s bettered my life in so many ways. Her sessions have given incredibly profound and detailed information which is greatly helping me out in my life. I am a logical and scientific person so I prefer to think about things carefully and am naturally a sceptic, but Fenn has made such a profound difference to me and my life that I couldn’t find a thing that’s negative. She’s amazing and well-worth a visit!”

Anthony Simms

“Fenn has undertaken several sessions for me in the last few years. I have always found great comfort in the deep truth of her received messages. They demonstrate a very clear knowledge of my life’s journey, my hidden hopes and desires and, most importantly, they’ve given me access to a world of such deep kindness and understanding of who I am that I was blown away.”

Benn Andrews

“Fenn was brought into my life by a twist of fate and I am so very glad she was! I drove to meet her and was worried because I didn’t know what to expect as I didn’t meet her through friends or recommendations, so it was a complete leap of faith for me. I needn’t have worried though! The instant I saw Fenn, her energy washed over me and I felt safe and calm. Fenn has a compassionate nature, she is caring and full of love. The channeling Fenn did for me was very accurate and surprisingly informative and gave me great insight into issues in my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Una O’Connor

Here is what we at Zamora have to say after trying out a reading with Fenn:

(A short review from yourself based on the demonstration session when we met.. ?)

Fenn is also a healer (see the ‘Spiritually Guided Healing’ page on this website) and is the author of the book The Beautiful Practice of Self-Love. She also holds group sessions in Totnes that allow for the practice of ‘home coming’ or awakening to Self in a group setting or circle.

And this is the writing for a second/separate page for the Zamora website:

Spiritually Guided Healing

‘We provide a healing practice that is attuned to Life Energy. We are able to locate where in the body tension or disorder is held and what the cause is behind these. We work together with prana energy; to provide profound healing that is intuitive and directly targeted.’

Fenn works together with her main angel or spirit guide Johan and 5 other angels, to provide an in-depth service. She will be able to explain where your problem(s) comes from and how to reverse, heal and/or prevent it. She is very skilled in the way that she can feel and locate points and places in the body that need to receive pressure or careful alignment. She does the work intuitively and while receiving clear instructions or guidance through channeling, making the work an organic and effective process.

What you can expect to receive during the treatments is information or messages related to the causes of your inflammation, stress, disorder, lack of energy or disease. Be prepared to be enlightened about the inherent connection in the human mind to body and spirit and how each of these constantly interacts with and affects another. You may or may not - in relation to this - experience traumatic or emotional healing or an emotional release. You may experience a profound calm state or you may feel energy fields activate or feel strands of energy run through your body. Body parts may heat up when touched or they may remain the same. Exact experiences depend on each individual case and one's personal situation. You will likely also receive some “homework” to take away, consisting of practices to carry out at home or guidance for your inner world or for your life.

Be prepared to come with an open mind and to see what happens! The least of what you can expect to experience is a loving space of acceptance and kindness where you will be able to expand your consciousness and growth as a person. Johan may give you some pointers while the healing session takes place, that can have a profound effect on your view of yourself, in a positive and expansive way. You may also learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and how to use your body and mind in the best ways to empower yourself and your life. Be prepared to be amazed.

Here are some reviews from previous clients - or take a look at Fenn’s website for more information: www.the-beautiful-practice.com<http://www.the-beautiful-practice.com>

“After having a session with Fenn I felt an incredible release. I was amazed that she was able to sense and feel what I was feeling without needing to even ask. It seemed that she sensed my pain plus my deeper emotions with non-invasive and gentle touch. She was able to see and recognize where my pain was being held and what it meant and even knew exactly what to do with it. She gave profound, meaningful, intuitive and helpful advice and council and helped me move forward in my recovery from emotional and physical pain.”

Mary Morgan

“I went to see Fenn for a problem I had with my elbow and what happened was fantastic. I could honestly feel the pain leave through my skin in what felt like a cork screw motion where she held her hand. I was amazed with the treatment and very positive results and will visit her again if I ever need to. She was also perfectly loving and kind. Many thanks again, it’s much appreciated!”

David Walsch

“Fenn is an incredible psychic and healer. I absolutely loved the session with her and felt instantly relaxed. She really got to the core of the problem and treated the issue very well, unlike anything I have ever seen with other reiki masters or practitioners. She was meant to do this work. My issues are getting much better and the pain has diminished completely. Thank you so much, I’m a believer now.”

Sonya van Gelen

“I have suffered from back pain and headaches for as long as I can remember. With Fenn’s help (a sort of gathering and balancing of the body’s energies) I felt an initial, practical relief from pain and tension and then the following days this relief increased. I feel like a completely new woman and I am feeling much calmer. I have seen her several times since and would really recommend this to anyone!”

Madelaine Palmer-Smith

“I was pleasantly surprised by Fenn’s gift when she placed her hands on my sore leg and hip which soon heated up and started tingling so I knew something was happening. My condition has since gone from chronic to much more doable with many light days or days off as I like to call them. I’m so grateful and wish I’d visited more times while I still lived in the area as I’m certain it would have helped me even more than this already has. The results have been tremendous, thank you!”

Annabelle Lewis


£35.- for a session of 60 minutes

Fenn also works at Zamora as an intuitive guide and clairvoyant, providing in-depth support to people’s lives and helping them become more of what they are or are meant to become (see the ‘Spiritual Support’ page on this website). Fenn is also the author of the book The Beautiful Practice of Self-Love and holds group sessions in Totnes that support others in their ‘home coming’ to Self or personal enlightenment.

Let me know what you think lovely Emily.
I'm looking forward to meeting up with you soon. Any time/day that you would like to meet that would work well for you?

Lots of love



From: info@zamoraonline.co.uk <info@zamoraonline.co.uk>
Sent: 12 November 2018 11:37
To: Fenn Elevera
Subject: Re: Healing practitioner in Exeter

Hi Fenn

Nice to hear from you and thank you for your info for the website :)

That's great your working in Totnes, I think you'll fit in well it's a really open and vibrant place! I understand about the photos, I too am struggling to get one that I like and feel reflects my treatments and me, it's something i'll keep working on for now.

I'll put your info on the website - if you can send me the photo that would be great. The facebook post would be good to share on the Zamora page and instagram too. A member of staff here at Zamora is already interested to book in.

Yes be lovely to meet up sometime - perhaps after work? I'm a bit busy this week but next week onwards would be good..

Emily x

On 11 November 2018 at 14:31 Fenn Elevera <fendohmen@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hey Emily!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back!!

How wonderful to hear that my taster session has been so very positive for you - you really deserve it!

I have spent a few weeks taking in my own growth too!

I haven't yet taken any photos of myself and somehow I can sense that I'm not ready yet to take new photos, for the reason that I am transitioning as a person at the moment and know that I will be more of what I am meant to be soon and I want to share myself from an authentic place of self. I can tell you more about this when we next speak if you like. Meeting up sounds lovely, thank you so much for suggesting it, it would be a pleasure! Let me know when works for you!

I have managed to write something down however in a (private) facebook post, that you could use on the Zamora fb page if you like it. I have cleverly cropped an old photo of myself down to the face so that the hair colour isn't the main focal point! I am okay with using that picture for now and we could post again in the future when I've got new photos? That way the picture in the post also doesn't look too different from the pictures that I currently still use on my website, so it is not too confusing for people!

Let me know if you want me to share the facebook post with you on facebook so you can check out what it looks like?

Here is the writing in case it's easier for you to look at the the text separately:

Fenn Elevera<https://www.facebook.com/fenn.elevera?__tn__=%2CdK-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R&eid=ARAXRONJHjyMkUw1DCJW6m05OPmE18g-1oiW0oSmO2T3PydoAqjgSOGtJNPsQKq7-h2eWmWam8HJrRNh&fref=mentions> and her angel Johan now give their amazing, beautiful readings and healing in Exeter, right here at Zamora!

Have you ever considered or wished to receive divine guidance and support for your life, or to get to know all that you need to know? Fenn’s readings give an in-depth insight into who you are, what you must do to become more of who you are and where you are going.

Fenn is a psychic and healer with plenty of experience! She is here to be of service to those who are looking for answers, those seeking spiritual guidance and those who are just curious.

Fenn became an intuitive support for others 5 years ago, after she had reached a low point in her life and had learned to heal herself and her life. Her healing brought her an awakening and also brought her in touch with her natural -or supernatural- gift.
She works together with her “angelic guidance support group” - consisting of 5 angels and her main angel Johan. She is a natural clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairscentient and claircognizant, but uses their clever help and insight to bring to people complete reports of any spiritual guidance or inner knowledge that they are ready to receive. This is most exciting and empowering work, that we would highly recommended to those in need of support in life, those looking to expand, and those wishing to move further within themselves.....

So if you want to know more about yourself and to become more of who you really are, we recommend that you get in touch with us and we can help book you a session!

Fenn also deals with:

- Answers about relationships and loved ones

- Inner pain and inner growth

- Those who need a helping hand on their spiritual path of home coming to their true/divine Self, to The Divine, or wish to build divine connection

- Any physical or mental issues

- Questions about potential, career or life direction

- Life itself

- Any other questions that you may have, or issues you need help with

- Also feel free to get in touch if you don’t have any personal questions but are looking for general guidance for your life. You will be relieved and happy that you came! Fenn is loving, inspiring and helpful and outstanding at what she does!

We would also like to recommend Fenn to you for bodily healing!

Fenn provides physical healing with the help and careful assistance of her angels. She performs a combination of work methods closely related to reiki, energy re-alignment, physical re-alignment and soft body pressure - but with the added bonus that the work is intuitively guided and lead, from beginning to end.

You can expect an energetic shift to take place and to be helped both physically and emotionally. Fenn will help re-align your energy field and body as needed and will also give you insights into the causes behind your physical problem, bodily state or general low energy, helping you to move forward and turn it around. She may also give you specific ‘home work’ and self-help practices, to support you in your personal life or until your next visit.

Intuitive spiritual support and healing sessions each cost £35 per hour, or choose to pay £60 for an in-depth supportive session of 2 hours.

Please be aware that these are beneficial introductory rates for Fenn’s first client base in Exeter since her relocation to Devon and a higher rate may be set for future clients! For this reason we recommend getting in touch now/soon to get your foot inside the door from the start!

For more information about Fenn, her work and reviews from her previous clients, please go to:


Many blessings from Zamora! [https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/fed/2/16/2764.png] <3

I should probably also share my good news with you that I have also put myself forward for leading group sessions in the Nautilus Rooms in Totnes. This will allow me to do one-to-one work within Exeter plus to do different spiritual work elsewhere, and hopefully both of these can bring of potential clients to each other! In case you are interested in knowing about the work I will be doing in Totnes, here is a description or piece of advertisement for my work there:

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