Stefania DeCara

Stefania De Cara was born and raised in Genoa, Italy but always had a fascination with English culture and long dreamt of moving to London. After finally making the leap in 2006, she immersed herself in busy, career-focused London life, industry shifting until she ultimately found herself in Music and Media, working as a tour producer for Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. It was during this period, dominated by short evenings and weekends, that a back injury from her youth came back to haunt her. The severe, debilitating back pain that Stefania experienced led her from specialist to specialist until she finally found an effective cure in physio and massage - and with it, discovered her passion for massage therapy.

Soon after, Stefania underwent an ITEC Level 3 Qualification in Holistic Massage in Hammersmith Hospital, London, and with an ambition to help others experiencing back pain, joint pain, anxiety and numerous other injuries, conditions and disorders, she set about starting her career as a therapist.

In 2017 Stefania relocated to Exeter with her husband and son, and currently practices Holistic & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy out of Zamora Natural Health and Beauty.

*Back Neck and Shoulders £50 -1 hour session*

I combine relaxing holistic massage strokes with deep tissue techniques

where I spot tight areas.

Perfect for people spending many hours at the computer and in need to ease

stubborn knots.


*Full Body Relaxation: £65 - 90 min session *

A pampering treatment to your back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

Gentle to medium relaxing strokes applied with 100% natural, organic,

pre-blended oils from the Botanicals range .

Perfect for those in need of relaxation.


*Total Full Body Relaxation: £90 - 120 min session*

If you need even further relaxation, this treatment is a longer version of

the Full Body Relaxation but it also includes hands, feet, abdomen, face

and head

Your whole body will melt!


*Tired Legs: £40 - 45 min session*

A gentle massage on your legs (back and front) to stimulate blood

circulation and the lymphatc system.

Very gentle but powerful strokes will be applied with 100% natural,

organic, pre-blended oils from the Botanicals range.

Perfect if you spend many hours standing up or if you feel discomfort on

your legs.


*Upper Body Deep Tissue Massage: £50 -60 min session*

It includes a firm massage on your  arms, chest and shoulders and also

covers hands and neck with more gentle techniques and stretches.

Perfect for those using a lot their upper body for work, such as gardeners,

cleaners, hairdressers and so on.



*Pain Release Massage: £50 - 60 min session*

If you are suffering from a specific issue such as back pain, shoulder

pain, sciatica pain, limited mobility, whiplash, postural problems etc.

this is the treatment for you. The first session might start with an

observation of your whole body and/or tests on some movements followed by a

massage treatment where I will incorporate some advanced techniques such as

MET's Soft Tissue Realease (STR), Trigger Point and NMT.

Please consider a minimum of 6 treatments; follow up treatments can be of

45 minutes £40.

Please wear comfortable underwear or shorts for the body observation.


*Manual Lymphatic Drainage:*

Please email me to discuss your needs and I will tailor your treatment plan.

For more information or to book a treatment, please call Stefania on 07803549997 or email

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