Microblading - Now Available at Zamora

Semi Permanent Brow Tattooing in Exeter that lasts up to 3 years!

Loss of Eye Brow Hair?

Can't obtain the correct shape?

Tired of drawing your brows on everyday?

Just £340 INCLUDING mandatory 6 week top up

Microblading is the current popular semi permanent make up of choice. This incredible treatment first started in Asia, and has since become very popular across the world. Brow shape and colour is designed unique to each individual using the golden compass ratio.


The treatment is carried out by creating crisp hair like strokes with a tiny 'blade'. This blade is actually a line of very sharp needles alligned into a tight and concise row that produce a scratch like effect. The 'microblade' is dipped into pigment which is then implanted into the skin with each stroke, therefore recreating the look of hairs. A topical anaesthetic is applied during treatment to minimise any discomfort.


Once the brows have fully healed 4-6 weeks later, a colour top up is applied and adjustments, if any, are made. This treatment can last for around 1.5-2.5 years before gradually fading, unless having a recommended colour top up at around 1 year. Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions, or email us for an information pack - this treatment will be with Roxy at Zamora.

Roxy has much experience in Microblading and trained with Brow Masters. She cares deeply about achieving the exact shape you want and takes care, time and consideration throughout the process to ensure your comfort and happiness.

Book in for a free consultation. Treatment available with Roxy every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Zamora, ExeterAlso some Saturdays.

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