Massage & Body Scrubs

Feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a restoring massage from our professional team of Massage Therapists here at Zamora in St Leonards, Exeter. Choose from Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue or Swedish - with an aromatic essential oil blend tailored to your needs on the day. Our team will ensure you receive the right pressure for you and your body. 

We now have the facilities to offer two massages together in the same room. 

Please note there are some restrictions on massage due to Covid-19 Government Guidelines

Swedish / Aroma / Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage ~ Classic massage using a variety of techniques to work on muscular knots and tension, adjusted to invigorate or relax depending on your needs.


Aroma Massage ~ Relaxing massage with gentle, yet powerful techniques, using the therapeutic benefits of essential oils (as blended by New Directions).


Deep Tissue Massage ~ more direct and concentrated pressure focusing on the underlying layers of muscle to 'unstick' knotted muscle fiber, release tension and remove toxins (please note there is an additional £3 charge for deep tissue massage).


Massage Prices (Swedish/Aroma/Deep Tissue)

*Add £4 for Deep Tissue to any Massage*


Back, Neck & Shoulders

[30 minutes]   £36

Foot Massage

[30 minutes]   £30

Back, Neck, Shoulders & Legs 

[45 minutes]   £44

Full Body - Back, Neck, Shoulders, plus front and back of Legs and Arms

[60 minutes]   £53


Complete Body (Full Body plus feet, stomach, face and scalp)

[90 minutes]   (temporarily unavailable)

Exeter Massage, Aromatherapy Exeter, Swedish Massage, Spa, Beauty

Choose from a range of targeted New Directions Oil blends including Relaxation, Meditation, Calming, Anxiety, Clear & Soothe or Circulation. Please advise if you have any allergies.

Couples Massage

Please note that we are unable to accommodate a couples massage at this time.

Heavenly Back Release

A stress busting, tension releasing back, neck and shoulder massage for those in need of a longer back massage. A great way to unwind and de-stress, with targeted combined Swedish and/or deep tissue massage to release knots and muscle tension. 


*Teachers and nurses receive 10% off this massage!*


[45 minutes]  £44

Hot Stones Massage

A luxurious treatment using heated basalt stones to create a deeply relaxing massage. The stones provide a deep but gentle massage to relieve tension, improve circulation, reduce pain and aid detoxification.


Full Body [60 minutes]  £60

Back, Neck, Shoulders [30 minutes]   £45

'Roots' Aroma Head & Foot Massage

Feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a tension relieving head and foot massage - clearing the stresses from our two most worked areas using a special therapeutic oil blend to suit your needs - including 'Calm', 'Relax', 'Immune Boost' and 'Sinus Relief' essential oil blends by New Directions, with grapeseed oil base.
[30 minutes]  £35

Indian Head Massage

Highly effective warming massage to relieve mental and physical tension, headaches, sinus problems, neck and back pain. Also stimulating lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins from the body and boosting the immune system. Focuses on head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and back. Using oil blends or moisturiser if oil is not preferred.


[45 minutes]  £40

Pregnancy Massage

Exeter Massage, Aromatherapy Exeter, Swedish Massage, Spa, Beauty, Foot Massage, Reflexology Exeter
Exeter Massage, Hot Stones Massage Exeter, Aromatherapy Exeter, Swedish Massage, Spa, Beauty

Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful experience - relaxing the mother-to-be using a variety of techniques to support the whole body. An aromatherapy blend suitable for pregnancy can be used, or a plain grapeseed oil.


[60 minutes]   £57

The Divine Back: Dead Sea Mud Mask, Back Scrub & Massage

Experience the wonders of Dead Sea Mud in this relaxing, cleansing, soothing and detoxifying treatment - for silky smooth, clarified skin. 


Rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium, the warming Dead Sea Mask soothes muscles and joints, while detoxifying and purifying the skin. Ideal for back pain sufferers.

Enjoy a Mandarin and Black Pepper Scrub exfoliation, warming Dead Sea Mud mask with pressure point leg massage and nourishing massage cream. A restoring treatment and lovely gift idea.


*Removes dead skin, deep cleansing, improves texture, and helps to clear skin for a more even appearance.* 

[60 minutes]   £58

Mandarin & Black Pepper Sugar Scrub only *great addition to a Massage or Facial*

[15 minutes]    £18