B Skincare: Handmade Products

Natural, ethical and handmade skincare products available to purchase from Zamora. B Skincare uses powerful and effective ingredients such as beeswax, honey, essential oils and flower waters. All products are locally sourced and made from a small family run workshop on Bodmin Moor. Each item is free from parabens, artificial fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate and palm oil, and never tested on animals. All products can be ordered at our salon, and we welcome you to try the testers.

Hand & Foot Creams

Heavy-duty, nourishing creams helping to repair and protect as well as being non greasy and easily absorbed.

Beeswax, Lavender or Geranium Hand & Foot Cream  60ml  £7.45

Providing TLC for sore, dry, cracked skin.

Peppermint Foot Cream  60ml  £7.45

Cooling peppermint, relaxing lavender and anti-bacterial tee tree combine with nourishing beeswax to soothe hot, tired, itchy or dry feet.

Hand Cream & Hand Wash with pump  250ml  £7.45

Choose from geranium and rosemary, or lemongrass and jojoba, a stylish addition to your kitchen or bathroom sink.

Cuticle & Nail Balm  20ml  £4.40

Containing vitamin rich carrot oil, strengthening lemon essential oil and moisturising shea and cocoa butter.

Gardeners Hand Scrub  150ml  £7.45

Crushed olive stones help to exfoliate away ground in dirt, with olive oil, geranium and spearmint leaving the hands moisturised and refreshed.

Lemon Barrier Cream  60ml  £7.45

A fresh and waxy cream designed to help prevent dirt being ground into the hands.


made using a variety of essential oils, flower waters, honey and healing oils, each one created specifically for different skin types.

Enriched Moisturiser  60ml  £7.45

For dry skin and night use. This wholesome and rich cream contains bois de rose, ylang ylang, jojoba and apricot oil, and can help with ageing, wrinkled or over tanned skin.

Rejuvenate Moisturiser  60ml  £7.45

For dry skin and damaged skin. A nourishing blend of ingredients including detoxifying carrot seed oil, jojoba to moisturise, balancing geranium, mandarin, ylang ylang and calendula, all combined to help renew and repair dry or damaged skin.

Rose & Honey Moisturiser  60ml  £7.45

For all skin types. A very popular fragrant moisturiser, containing anti-aging and restoring rose oil, balancing rosewater, nourishing Cornish honey and moisturising apricot oil. 


Lavender & Honey Moisturiser  60ml  £7.45

For all skin types. A classic non-sticky and easily absorbed cream, containing calming lavender, anti-aging evening primrose, nourishing Cornish honey and vitamin E rich wheat germ oil.

Aloe Vera Moisturiser  60ml  £7.45

For sensitive skin and aftersun use. A wonderfully light cream great for younger or sensitive skin. It contains a high proportion of organic aloe vera which calms and soothes without irritation or blocking pores.

Cocoa & Shea Body Balm  200ml  £11.90

For all skin types. A rich, moisturising balm that compromises a delicious and inviting aroma. This balm contains a wealth of beneficial ingredients including: cocoa butter to keep the skin soft and supple, shea butter to protect and rejuvenate, avacado and almond oils - rich in vitamin E and great for rehydration - and ylang ylang to calm and moisturise.

Face Oil  30ml  £9.40

For all skin types. A luxurious face oil containing borage - for its high level of GLA, and rosehip oil for their anti-aging properties, and vitamin C, vitamin E, bergamot and jojoba for their natural healing and moisturising benefits.


Gentle and effective cleansers suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Perfect for removing makeup without using harsh chemicals.

Nourishing Cleanser  100ml  £5.90

For all skin types & dry skin. A rich and creamy cleanser that removes makeup and impurities, leaving skin radiant, replenished and healthy with its wholesome ingredients of rose geranium, ylang ylang, tangerine and jojoba.


Clarifying Cleanser  100ml  £5.90

For all skin types & problem skin. This gentle and light lotion removes dirt, oil and makeup leaving skin feeling fresh and smooth. With its blend of spearmint and lavender it can be especially helpful removing bacteria so is great for those with acne.

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover  100ml  £5.90

For all skin types. This cleanser gently removes eye makeup without the use of harsh chemicals. Containing calendula for its healing properties, soothing benzoin and jojoba - one of natures natural moisturisers.

Face Scrub  100ml  £5.90

For all skin types. A gentle scrub with crsuhed walnut shells, citrus essential oils and evening primrose. This uplifting combination of ingredients will leave skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Skin Fresheners

A refreshing blend of floral waters which are 100% pure with no additives or preservatives. Floral waters are made from the steam produced during the creation of essential oils and so share many of the properties found in these purest of oils. They are alcohol free and wont dry or aggravate problem skin.

Nourishing  Skin Freshener  100ml  £5.90

For dry & sensitive skin. A blend of rose and jasmine, this freshener has been formulated to provide a nourishing and gentle tonic.

Clarifying Skin Freshener  100ml  £5.90

For all skin types & oily skin. A refreshing toner made with lavender and peppermint.


A range of beneficial and effective remedies to suit a wide range of ailments.

Muscle & Joint Cream  60ml  £7.45

Combining ginger , juniper, eucalyptus and lavender, this best-selling cream is used for a whole host of problems including arthritis, sports injuries, sprains, rheumatism, sciatica and neuralgia. IMPORTANT: Not to be used during pregnancy or if suffering from epilepsy due to the combination of essential oils.

Tee Tree Cream  60ml  £7.45

Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, great for acne, infections, insect bites, athletes foot and cold sores...the list is endless!

Arnica Salve  20ml  £4.50

First aid for all types of bruises, Arnica is reputed to be one of the best remedies for external healing of bruises and sprains. Also contains the beneficial properties of beeswax. NOTE: Not to be used on broken skin.

Calendula & Honey  60ml  £7.45

A multi-purpose cream to soothe dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. It contains healing calendula, moisturising jojoba, soothing honey and nourishing beeswax.

2 Jar Gift Packs & Gift Boxes

A selection of gift packs to choose from, whether you are looking to pamper yourself, or show somebody else you care, here you will find something suitable for everyone.

B Cornish  £13.50

Cornish & handmade. A winning combination of Beeswax hand & foot cream and Calendula & Honey Cream. 2 x 60ml jars.

B Dog Walking  £13.50

Use the Peppermint foot cream and Muscle & Joint cream to unwind after a long walk. 2x 60ml jars.

B Gardening  £13.50

An invaluable duo for gardeners! This gift pack contains Lemon Barrier to stop dirt getting ground into the hands and Beeswax Hand and Foot Cream which is a great heavy duty hand cream. 2x 60ml jars.


B Pampered  £13.50

For extra pampering, indulge yourself with our Enriched moisturiser and Beeswax hand & foot cream. 2 x 60ml jars.

B Relaxed  £13.50

Unwind & de-stress with lavender & honey moisturiser and lavender hand & foot cream, they smell delicious! 2 x 60ml jars.

B Walking £13.50

The best selling Muscle & Joint cream for hard working muscles, and refreshing Peppermint foot cream for tired achy feet.

B Gardening Gift Box  £15.50

An invaluable trio for gardeners! This gift box contains Gardeners hand scrub with its minty freshness for getting rid of dirt and Lemongrass & Jojoba cream with beeswax and moisturising jojoba and a tough dual sided nail brush with cactus bristles. 

B Handy Gift Box  £15.50

Choose a set of either a Lemongrass & Jojoba hand cream and hand wash, or a Geranium & Rosemary hand cream and hand wash, in handy to use, pump action bottles. 2x 250ml bottles.

B Face Care Gift Box  £25.50

This lovely gift set contains nourishing cleanser (100ml), eye make up remover (100ml), face scrub (100ml), and a moisturiser (60ml) of your choice - just confirm which you want when you order.

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